King of the Mods Details Announced!

King of the Mods

Information Sheet


Saturday, May 29th 7:00PM


2010 King of the Mods A Feature Payout:  $1,200-650-400-350-300-290-280-270-260-250-240-230-220-200-190-180-175-170-160-150 on back


Trophies will be furnished by (



How the King of the Mods Field will be Set:


24 cars or less - All cars in the A Feature


25 – 35 cars - Top 16 locked in from qualifying.  The top six from the Last Chance transfer to the A Feature.


36 cars or more - Top 16 locked in from qualifying – the top three from each of the two Last Chance races transfer.


Inversion for the A Feature 4 plus the roll of 2 dice (between 6 & 16).


Inversion for the Last Chance will be one more than the amount of cars that are transferring to the A Feature (will either be seven or four). 


King of the Mods Race Format/Rules:


- The race will be run in two segments.  The first segment will be 50 laps.  There will then be a ten-minute break where the leader will pull a pill to set the inversion for the second segment.  The pills to choose from will be 6-1’s, 5-2’s, 4-3’s,3-4’s,2-5’s & 1-6.  The final segment will then be a 25-lap dash with the winner collecting $1,200!

- All Double File restarts, even in the Last Chance races

- Tires: This will not be an impound race.  You can use impound tires if you want to absolutely NO SOAK of  and kind on any tires You may purchase new ($105 mounted & tax) or takeoff tires ($10) at the track.  If you bring tires from outside of impound, all tires will be checked and marked before qualifying and racing.


- All rules can be found at

- This will be a non-points event.

- Raceceiver’s are mandatory.  They will be available for rent at the track.



Saturday - April 11 - Pre-Season Testing Learn more