Tech Bulletins

2018 Kalamazoo Rule Amendments & Reminders

As we have been working with several area tracks to try to align rules and class names during the early off season, some rules weren’t clear and some rules weren’t recognized by other local tracks.  Not everything worked out perfect, but many class rules are now nearly identical, making [...]

Tech Bulletin #71017

Pro Stock Tech Bulletin 71017:  As of 7-14-14, your rear tail panel will adhere to the following rules:  As the rules state, if you choose to run an aftermarket bumper cover, it will be un-cut & mounted in the original dimensions.  If you have already hacked up your stock tail [...]

Tech Bulletin #51617

As the rules in each class clearly state, there is Absolutely No Tire Soaking or altering of the tire of any kind allowed at Kalamazoo Speedway.  It doesn’t say that you can go down to a certain softness or Durometer number……it clearly states NO TIRE SOAKING PERIOD!  We have [...]

Tech Bulletin #51117

Starting this Friday, we are going to give this a whirl. We have to try something and I’m not going to sit around for a year waiting for new cars to be built for our class because it won’t ever happen. I may have to adjust some weights to [...]

Tech Bulletin #5317

Hey Guys……..a few of you had your fun trying to manipulate the rule which clearly states that “All Exhausts Will Exit Below the Car & Not Out the Door”, but now as the Intimidator for 2017 is now in the books,  please take note of this Tech Bulletin:    Tech [...]