Driver Bio: Todd Foote


Division: Super Stock
Name: “Big Nasty” Todd Foote
Age: 41
Hometown: Paw Paw, Michigan
Car #: 10
Years Racing: 23 (15 full time)
Car Owner: Keith Reed
Crew Members: Skeet, Keith, K.C., Brett, Steve-O, Patty, Wheatie, Matt, Mike, Brandon
Family: Wife: Holly
Children: K.C., Brandon, Brianna, Michelle
Grandaughter: Faith
Pets: Magoo & Bella
Profession: Business Owner/Manager
Sponsors: Burger King, Pirates Island, Complete Automotive, Victory Motorsports, Scott Brunners Pro Shop, Express Auto, Blue Crescent Digital, Amsoil, Continental lanes, Back Alley Saloon, Royal Entertainment, MR Signs, Speedy Shocks
Special Thanks: my Crew, Teamates & Fans, Alan Vochaska, Kevin Smith, Larry Hollenbeck, Pops, Carl Vanzile, Andy Bozell (for all the help & advice through the years)
What is your favorite racing memories?: ORP in a Modified
traveling around to so many different tracks to race.
2010 season (won every feature I finished, 15 out of 18, at 3 different tracks and had every fast time all year)
Who are the 3 toughest drivers you have competed against?: whoever finishes ahead of me…..
respected and always looked up to:
Andy Bozell
Denny Nyari
Butch Miller
Fred Campbell
Biggest accomplishments outside of racing?: My marriage and birth of my kids
My grandaughter
My bowling
What is your biggest racing accomplishments?: 2001 Galesburg Late Model Track Champion
2006 Kalamazoo Sportsman Track Champion
2010 Galesburg Sportsman Track Champion
2010 Intimidator Award
5x Best Appearing Car
What was your biggest win?: 2x Casite Classic at Flat Rock
2x Michigan Cup winner
Comments: “refuse to have battles of wits with unarmed people”


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