Driver Bio: TC Burgess


Division: Cyber Stocks
Name: TC Burgess
Age: 18
Hometown: Comstock
Car #: 32
Years Racing: 3
Car Owner: Mike Shotwell
Crew Members: Clark, Jerm, Dave, Doug, Shawn, Bryan, Boss, Kaylee, Robby Racecar
Family: Mom, Brianna, Shawn, Tami(mom), Kaylee
Profession: Racecar driver
Sponsors: LKQ,save alot,mr sign,GLV INC.,
Special Thanks: Mike Shotwell, Mom, Boss, and all my friends
What is your favorite racing memories?: When Shawn Misak kept spinning me out in the feature in 2008 and I still beat him.
Who are the 3 toughest drivers you have competed against?: Shawn 34, Kaylee 14, Dale 94
Biggest accomplishments outside of racing?: Getting my licence
What is your biggest racing accomplishments?: Winning the A feature my first year racing
What was your biggest win?: A feature at A-1 Raceway
Comments: Like to say thanks to all the drivers for getting their cars out there so we can all have fun and also to Gary Howe for putting this class together.




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