Driver Bio: Shawn Misak


Division: Cyber Stocks
Name: Shawn Misak
Age: 16
Hometown: Gun Lake/Wayland
Car #: 34
Years Racing: 2
Car Owner: Gary Vanarsdal
Crew Members: Bryan Pion (crew cheif), Gary Vanarsdal, Jesse Gruis, Rob Misak,
Family: Tami Vanarsdal (ma), Gary Vanarsdal (dad), Rob Misak (dad), Punk Vanarsdal (sis), Kaylee Misak (sissy #14), Charlie Vanarsdal (bro), g ma (grandma), granny, pops, Brenda (my favorite aunt), Uncle Lee (Jimmie Johnson), Clay (cuz), Lil Lee (cuz) ,Preston(cuz)
Profession: Student at Wayland High
Sponsors: GLV inc, street n strip,mike and all the guys at LKQ Self Service Auto Parts. with many more to come!!
Special Thanks: I would like to thank my dad and my step dad for getting me into this sport, everyone for help on the car(thanks guys it means a lot). My ma for putting up with it and loving every minute of it!! Bryen for every minute and second of time he has put into ALL of our racecars!! And don’t forget LKQ Self Service Auto Parts!!
Website: seach shawn 34
What is your favorite racing memories?: All year was a ball running with all of your friends.  One is running side by side with Dale for 10 laps that was fun (next time I am coming out on top!!!)!!  Ha ha having running every week with my sister.  Getting 5 fast times and 3 heat race wins, it was a good year!!
Who are the 3 toughest drivers you have competed against?: Why name 3 when you got guys out there like Ken Knapp, Dale Leonard, Keith Dunham, Kaylee Misak, Matt Slater, TC Burgess, Kyle Knapp, Clark Smith, Jermay Knapp and Nick Layman.
Biggest accomplishments outside of racing?: Having very good hunting seasons and having fun all the time.
What is your biggest racing accomplishments?: Getting 4 heat race wins, 5 fast times, thats good for a kid that is 16 and can do that well!!
What was your biggest win?: Getting 5 fast times all year long!!
Comments: I would like to say again thanks Bryen, Boss, Dad, Ma, Sissy, and every one that has helped and been a part of my race car!!



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