Driver Bio: Shawn Misak

Division: Pro Stock

Name: shawn misak

Age: 17

Hometown: Wayland

Car#: 34

Years In Racing: this will be my be my 4th

Car Owner: gary vanarsdal

Crew Members: jesse, bryen, my dad, boss, kaylee, tc, and uncle lee

Sponsors: jaybee signs, GLV property preservation and  LKQ

Family: Gary V dad, tami, ma, kaylee sister #14, charlie bro, and ruger and triton DOGs

Job Info: going to school is what i do everyday, i also work for my dad when i can

Racing Accomplishments: Crossing that finsh line 7 times last year with 5 A features and 2 heat races. 3 heat race wins in 2009. and 1 heat race win in 08 with my first year in a racecar in the cyber stock divison.

Website: look me up  on facebook

Comments: I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY DAD GARY V FOR GETTING ME STARTED IN THE SPORT AND BUYING ME A CAR. my family for being there everyweek to support me and cheering me on. ma and katie for letting me work in the shop all week long. bryen for working hard on all of are cars all week and winter long. jesse and  my dad rob for helping us when they can. and  sissy for doing what she can in the shop. tc helping us and joining the team last year and all of us working together to get stuff done!


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