Driver Bio: Keith Wilfong


Division: Pro Stock
Name: Keith Wilfong
Age: 42
Hometown: Howe, IN
Car #: 75
Years Racing: 2
Car Owner: Connie Wilfong / Keith Wilfong
Crew Members: Connie Wilfong, Mark Hostetler
Family: Connie, Josh, Adam, Emily, Victoria, Joshua
Profession: Purchasing Agent / Engineer
Sponsors: Still seeking sponsors for 2010, Wanamaker Racing Engines
Special Thanks: To all the fans that come to the track every week and support our addiction. Howe family
What is your favorite racing memories?: I am still working on making memories.
Who are the 3 toughest drivers you have competed against?: It is difficult to narrow it down to just 3. Since I started racing weekly for the last 2 years I would say it is Lloyd Brooks, Matt Noble, and Greg Haynes.
Biggest accomplishments outside of racing?: Family
What is your biggest racing accomplishments?: 2008 Pro Stock Rookie Of The Year, 2008 Pro Stock Most Improved Driver, 2009 4th in Pro Stock points.
What was your biggest win?: I only have one fast heat win and a Super Shoe heat race win. I am looking to add to this list in 2010.
Comments: Thank you to my wife Connie for understanding why I do this and supporting me in doing this. Also thank you to Gary Howe, the Howe Family as well as the rest of the track employees.




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