Driver Bio: Kaylee Misak


Division: Cyber Stocks
Name: Kaylee Misak
Age: 14
Hometown: Wayland/ GunLake
Car #: 14
Years Racing: 1
Car Owner: Gary VanArsdal & Rob Misak
Crew Members: Shawn Misak(#34), Brion Pion, Jessie Gruis, Lee Sr. Misak, and other friends
Family: Tami, Gary, Charlie, Karen VanArsdal, G-ma. Janice, Denny, Preston, Brenda, Lee Jr & Sr, Clay Misak
Profession: High School
Sponsors: Thanks for all the support at LKQ. Street & Strip, GLV Inc.,
Special Thanks: To LKQ.  To my dad, Rob Misak.  To My step-dad Gary VanArsdal.  To My Uncle Lee Misak and my brother Shawn Miask.
What is your favorite racing memories?: Winning my 1st cheakerd flag, and racing agenst my brother, Shawn (#34).
Who are the 3 toughest drivers you have competed against?: Shawn Misak (#34), Walter Nelson (#64) and T.C. Burgess (#32)
Biggest accomplishments outside of racing?: Deer Hunting, got a 6pt and a doe.
What is your biggest racing accomplishments?: Winning my 1st checkered flag (8-8-09) (heat).
What was your biggest win?: Heat race…..many more to come for 2010.
Comments: 2010 coming out with a faster car. Going to be a good year. Hope to see you out there.




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