Driver Bio: Katie Krum

Katie Krum

Division: Cyber Stocks
Name: Kaitie “Krash” Krum
Age: 17
Hometown: Parchment, MI
Car #: 18
Years Racing: 2
Car Owner: My dad
Crew Members: Dad, Travis “Tiny”, Grandpa, Uncle Bryen, and some random drivers who help out when I need it.
Family: Mom and dad (Tina and Bob), Travis “Tiny”, Kristina, and Grandpa and Granny.
Profession: Full time student @ PHS
Sponsors: LKQ for starters, Life cycle, 99 signs, X-treme hobbies, and x-treme ice cream.
Special Thanks: Special thanks to my dad for getting me the car, my brother Tiny for getting me into racing.  Also to the Knapps for putting up with me last year and being an awesome team.  Uncle Bryen and Gary for helping me setup the car, my grandparents for keeping me into the sport, my mom for always being there when I need her.  Gary and Donna Howe for having the class, LKQ for the parts, Life cycle for my helmet, all my sponsors for helping out, and finally a special thanks to my softball coach who is still trying to get me to stop racing because it’s dangerous…. but that will never happen. THANKS YOU GUYS!!!!
What is your favorite racing memories?: My favorite memories from racing….. hmmm i can’t seem to remeber much after me and Shawn’s wreck.  Jk!!! Ummm I would have to say the first time I EVER got blacked flagged for going under my qualifying time. Honestly I don’t think I’ve been that excited to see that flag.
Who are the 3 toughest drivers you have competed against?: Hmmm three toughest drivers? I would say Shawn #34, Ken #12 and maybe a new driver that nobody knows, anyway you put it all the drivers are tough because you have to be able to pass them to win.
Biggest accomplishments outside of racing?: Outside of racing it’s all softball.  Biggest accomplishment would be going to districts and being the #1 fastest pitcher there out of all the teams.
What is your biggest racing accomplishments?: Getting in the car after my wreck.  Never been so nervous in my LIFE!
What was your biggest win?: Beating my brother the last night out in the ’09 season.  Haha I win Tiny!
Comments: Live life to the fullest.  Go fast turn left.  Oh and to my fellow drivers Ne Te Plenis Pas!!!!!




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