Driver Bio: Justin Bell

Justin Bell

Division: Cyber Stocks
Name: Justin Bell
Age: 17
Hometown: Marcellus, MI
Car #: 06
Years Racing: 1st
Car Owner: Myself
Crew Members: Few local friends
Family: Brian M. and Tonya B.
Profession: Student/Engineer
Sponsors: Trying to gain some at the moment, LKQ.
Special Thanks: Thank the family for agreeing to let me do this. Friends in the crowd.  My boss for building the rollcage.  LKQ self service auto parts for everything I’ve needed.
What is your favorite racing memories?: Sitting in the stands on a Saturday watching the cars go around.
Who are the 3 toughest drivers you have competed against?: I wouldn’t know who to say at this point.
Biggest accomplishments outside of racing?: Choosing to join the Marines after schooling.
What is your biggest racing accomplishments?: So far getting ready for my first season and hopefully more to come.
What was your biggest win?:




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