Driver Bio: "Jammin" Josh VanDusen


Division: Super Stock
Name: “Jammin” Josh VanDusen
Age: 21
Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI (Parchment)
Car #: 14x
Years Racing: 1
Car Owner: Art VanDusen
Crew Members: Myself-Driver, My Dad Art VanDusen-Crew Chief, My Brother Matt VanDusen-Tires and Setup, My Uncle Jay Johnson-Everything, Eric Burnham-Engine and Tires, David Krohn-Everything, Denny Leonard-Everything and anyone else who decides to bust knuckles with us!
Family: My Mom and Dad (Art and Dottie), myself Josh ,my brother Matt, my two sisters Erin and Jamie
Profession: Musician
Sponsors: VanDusen Motorsports, In A Blaze of Glory, Midwest metal Brotherhood
Special Thanks: All my crew members, my sponsors, the track, all the other drivers, and of course all the fans.
What is your favorite racing memories?: Growing up as a kid going to the tracks and watching all the veterans wheel cars, wishing I could run one day,and now I’m here HAHA!
Who are the 3 toughest drivers you have competed against?: Matt VanDusen, Smokin Joe Reaume, Art VanDusen
Biggest accomplishments outside of racing?: My band In A Blaze of Glory
What is your biggest racing accomplishments?: Just getting here and getting a shot.
What was your biggest win?: Hopefully there will be something impressive here soon!



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