Driver Bio: Hank Miller


Division: Super Stock
Name: Hank Miller
Age: Old Enough
Hometown: Watervliet, MI
Car #: 46
Years Racing: 7
Car Owner: Mike and Terri Spivey
Crew Members: Mike, Terri, Steve
Family: Faith and Nancy
Profession: Aviation
Sponsors: Go N’ Nuts
Special Thanks: Mike and Terri
What is your favorite racing memories?: Either my big check or my ASA track record.
Who are the 3 toughest drivers you have competed against?: Myself (I’ve beaten myself more times than I can count), Andy Bozell and Freddy Campbell
Biggest accomplishments outside of racing?: Probably my Aviation credentials.
What is your biggest racing accomplishments?: Being able to carry out a dream for 7 years.
What was your biggest win?: Winning “MY” Ride back after being away from home for a few years.
Comments: I can’t think about my racing without thinking of how much Mike, Terri and Scotty have done for me over the years



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