Driver Bio: Doug Rodanhisler

Doug Rodanhisler

Division: Late Model
Name: Doug Rodanhisler
Age: ouch! 40
Hometown: North Dorr
Car #: 76
Years Racing: 4
Car Owner: Us
Crew Members: Jim R. (dad), Jody S., Joel R., Kenny K., and whoever else we can thankfully rope into helping.
Family: LuAnn, Hannah, Jarrett, and Jacob.
Profession: Electrician
Sponsors: Great Lakes Caster, North Dorr General Store, Putter’s Trucking, PDS-plastic development services, AIS engine, Weber Promotions, Guiseppe’s Pizza, D&B radiator, Paul Davis Tax Service, Zacker electric, Miller electric, future electrical solutions, Hilliards Corner Lounge, New Salem Corn Maze & Haunted Wood’s-Witches of New Salem, United Collision Center.
Special Thanks: To all the dedicated race fans for showing up, and all the friends, family and sponsor’s that keep us going around, and especially my wife and kids for their sacrificed time away from normal??? summer vacations.
What is your favorite racing memories?: Still working on that, hopefully this year.
Who are the 3 toughest drivers you have competed against?: I’m not very good yet, so they are all tough.
Biggest accomplishments outside of racing?: Won a few beer drinking contest
What is your biggest racing accomplishments?: Usually, showing up to the track.
What was your biggest win?: The nighe I drank a whole pitcher of beer faster than everybody else.
Comments: A huge THANKS to everybody that has helped us out, your help has been greatly appreciated!




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