Driver Bio: Dillon "juicebox" Nusbaum

Division: Modifieds
Name: Dillon “juicebox” Nusbaum
Age: 16
Hometown: Columbia City
Car #: 17
Years Racing: 6
Car Owner: Dillon Nusbaum
Crew Members: Tyler Bolling
Bryan Martin
Doug Nusbaum(dad)
Family: Doug Nusbaum (dad)
Jim Nusbaum (uncle)
Profession: High School Student
Sponsors: Montieth Tire, Syracuse IN
Special Thanks: thanks to my mom and dad for everything, and everyone else that has helped me through out my career.
What is your favorite racing memories?: Winning my first championship
Who are the 3 toughest drivers you have competed against?: Dylan Woodling
Austin Long
Brody Wilson

Biggest accomplishments outside of racing?: being all that i can be
What is your biggest racing accomplishments?: Winning my first championship in go karts and my first heat win in a modified.
What was your biggest win?: first heat win in a modified so far.


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