Driver Bio: Devin Bradley

Devin Bradley

Division: Cyber Stocks
Name: Devin Bradley
Age: 14
Hometown: Battle Creek, MI
Car #: 8x
Years Racing: 0
Car Owner: Kyle Bradley
Crew Members: Kyle Bradley, Dale Bradley, Cody, Shea, Charles, Caswell
Family: Kyle, Dale, Bradley, Cheri, Cody, Shea
Profession: Racing
Sponsors: o reilly,potters signs
Special Thanks: To Wally King Jr. and Kyle Bradley
What is your favorite racing memories?: First race ever
Who are the 3 toughest drivers you have competed against?: Wally King Jr., John Heider and Aaron Rhinesburg
Biggest accomplishments outside of racing?: Other sports
What is your biggest racing accomplishments?: Racing with other big time names.
What was your biggest win?: When was my win?


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