Driver Bio: Dale Bruns


Division: Pro Stock
Name: Dale Bruns
Age: 31
Hometown: Portage, MI
Car #: 50
Years Racing: 2
Car Owner: Triple D Racing
Crew Members: Dale, Doug, Dale, John, Dale
Family: Wife:Sally Kids: Emalee, Devin, Alex, AJ, Sara, and Kasey
Profession: Business Owner
Sponsors: Generation 2 Generation Transport Inc., LAD Logistics,, Palomino Express, Big Show Promotions, and Mr. Signs
Special Thanks: Thanks to everyone who has helped and to all family members of TDR.
What is your favorite racing memories?: Everything! It’s great to be at the track every weekend no matter what capacity I am.  This year I have 4 titles as driver, owner, crew and spectator.
Who are the 3 toughest drivers you have competed against?: Myself…….I am my own worst enemy.
Biggest accomplishments outside of racing?: My Family and business
What is your biggest racing accomplishments?: Fielding a multi-car team even if it is the lower end classes it is still a headache.
What was your biggest win?: I have only 1 heat race win.
Comments: Check out the website and Triple D Racing this year I promise to make it entertaining



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