Driver Bio: Clark Smith


Clark Smith

Division: Cyber Stocks
Name: Clark Smith
Age: 30
Hometown: Plainwell, MI
Car #: 33
Years Racing: 3
Car Owner: mgracing
Crew Members: Dad, Doug, Jonesy, TC, Jeremy
Family: Jamie, Joshua,and Lauren
Profession: Carpenter
Sponsors: LKQ, Save A Lot,
Special Thanks: To all the guys on the team and LKQ for all their help.  Also Jamie for putting up with all of us all winter long.
What is your favorite racing memories?: The first time I raced and
winning the first time.
Who are the 3 toughest drivers you have competed against?: My brother Doug, Dale and either Keith or Ken

Biggest accomplishments outside of racing?: Definitely my family.

What is your biggest racing accomplishments?: Winning the second mini van race.

What was your biggest win?: The mini van race but hope to have a better year this year
Comments: Thanks to Gary and Donna for all they do.




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