Driver Bio: Aaron Rheinsburg


Division: Enduro
Name: Aaron Rheinsburg
Age: 17
Hometown: WhiteTrashville, Michigan
Car #: 1, 289, 205, 501
Years Racing: 5
Car Owner: Aaron Rheinsburg
Crew Members: Nick Hills, Gary Wade, Bill “Flat tire” Denton, Bob Olson, Red Green, Steve B and Jason “the Assassin” Adkins
Family: Rob Rheinsburg, Linda Rheinsburg and my biggest fan, Chase Rheinsburg
Profession: Student for now.
Sponsors: R&S Tree Service and mom and dad
Special Thanks: To everyone who helps on the race car. My dad for showing me how to drive like a mad man and my mother for letting me compete in this crazy sport.
What is your favorite racing memories?: Passing Bob Garett on the outside in my dads old 77′ Monte Carlo at Galesburg. He was the fastest Street Stock there. He passed me and the next lap I dove it hard into the corner on the outside and passed him and never looked back. haha
Who are the 3 toughest drivers you have competed against?: My old man, Dave Miller and Ron Jackson,
Biggest accomplishments outside of racing?: I’m about to graduate high school.
What is your biggest racing accomplishments?: My highest finish at Kalamazoo is 4th in an enduro but I finished 2nd in all three of the Galesburg enduros in 2008 to Dave Miller.
What was your biggest win?: 4th place at an enduro in Kalamazoo Speedway. Also I got the youngest highest finisher award there as well. I went home with 1,150 bucks in my pocket.
Comments: No I don’t race Cyber Stock but Gary Howe needs to make and enduro class for us to put our driver info into.




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