Profile – Mini Stocks

7, Matt Gross

Division: Mini-Stocks

Name: Matt Gross

Age: 27

Hometown: Galesburg

Car#: 7

Years In Racing: 11

Car Owner: same

Crew Members: Brian, my dad

Sponsors: Shannon’s Licensed Daycare.

Family: Shannon and madisyn

Job Info: Group leader at Graphic Packaging

Racing Accomplishments: Top 5 in points the one year I really ran for points. Winning the d feature at the call of the wild in 09

Website: facebook page matt gross racing […]

2, George Watts

Division: Mini-Stocks

Name: George Watts

Age: 43

Hometown: Portage

Car#: 2

Years In Racing: off and on for 22 years

Car Owner: George Watts

Crew Members: Craig Clingian   Danny Osteen   and anybody willing to help

Sponsors: MOM, GJ’s Drum service 

Family: Jessica, Mike, Evan.

Job Info: Stewart Sutherland

Racing Accomplishments: top 10 in points the 2 years i ran for points.  almost won and A feature once. […]

77, Bryen Pion

Division: Mini-Stocks

Name: Bryen Pion

Age: 40

Hometown: martin,mi

Car#: 77

Years In Racing: 2 years as driver 3 previous years as crew

Car Owner: Bryen Pion

Crew Members: Bryce Pion,Jesse Gruis,Shawn Misak,Gary Vanarsdal and Connor K

Sponsors: GLV Property Preservation

Family: Brandy Pion(wife),Bryce Pion(son)& Bethany Pion(daughter)

Job Info: Supervisor at GLV property presevation

Racing Accomplishments: In my first year I won a feature,a heat race ,set 6 fast times,had 11 […]


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