Mini Shoe Nationals Information Sheet

Kalamazoo Speedway’s

1st Annual

Front Wheel Drive Mini Shoe Nationals 2010

(Ran in conjunction with the Super Shoe Nationals)


Oct. 1st Oct. 3rd 2010 (rain date Oct. 9th & 10th)

Track Office Phone (269)-692-2423, Race Info.



Thurs. Sept. 30th Sign in and race car parking 5-9p.m.

Fri. Oct. 1st Pits open 10:00AM Hot Laps 1-6 Time Trials 7PM Pit Pass $25.00 Three Day Pass: $65

Free Grandstand admission on Friday night

Sat. Oct. 2nd Gates open 8:30AM Hot Laps 10:00 AM Late Arrival Time Trials 2PM Races at 4:30 PM

                       Adults: $12:00 Kids 11 & younger are FREE Pit Pass $25.00 Two Day Pit Pass $45.00

Sun. Oct. 3rd Gates Open 10:30 AM Races will start at 12:30 PM

                                        Adults $15 Kids 11 & younger are FREE Pit Passes $25.00

Alamo FD Breakfast Hotcakes, sausage, coffee, and OJ will be served Saturday and Sunday 8am-11:00am



Guaranteed Pay-Off 2010

25 Lap A Feature   $300 to win-200-150-125-115-110-105-100-95-90-85 to Start!

20 Lap B Feature  $200 to win-125-100-90-85-80-75 to Start!

 20 Lap C Feature  $150 to win -90-85-80-75-65-50 to Start

All Heat Races Pay: $20-15-10 to Start!


FWD Mini Shoe Rules 2010

Rules: Front Wheel Drive Cars Only – 4 or 6 Cylinder Only – No V-8′sFull Safety Rules enforced, including Full Fire Suit &Racing Gloves  *  Front Wheel Cars Only * No Super or Turbo Chargers * Tires Allowed: Most DOT Street Legal Tires 60, 65, 70,75, or 78 series No Racing Tires allowed of any kind-no recaps allowed!   Contact  Gary @ 269-720-2386  if you have any questions about what tires are legal * Body Rules: Be creative & have some fun nothing wider than 72” and nothing taller than a stock roof!   No verticals can interfere with driver’s side window opening, as per the Safety Crew’s discretion * If no top is being run arm restraints are mandatory * No radios or mirrors, no wings * Officials Decisions are Final weight penalties may be added for rules infractions * FWD Mini Vans are welcome must meet all of the rules * Drivers are responsible for the actions of their crews, during the entire weekend * No tire soaking materials of any kind  allowed on Speedway property*   NASCAR Licenses are not required


Entry, Race or Rules Info: 269-692-2423 or   A $25 clean-up fee will be charged for each camper unit, payable when you bring in your camper.  Golf Carts & ATV’s are OK if driven sensibly.  All Carts & ATV’s will be parked at Midnight each night.  If you are caught driving too fast or too careless, A Speedway Official has the right to impound your ATV for the weekend or you will remove the ATV from the Speedway Property for the weekend.  No Staking out campsites until 11PM on September 26th!   Stake out only the size you need for your campers – not for your haulers and trailers.  All cars parked in the main Pit Area will be unloading your car & equipment & be pulling your haulers out of the lower pit area.



Bozell Sets New World Record & Wins Feature

Andy Bozell set a new world record Saturday night by touring a 3/8 mile oval in 10.038 seconds.  Bozell’s lap broke Curt Spalding’s previous world record of 10.217 set at this event last year.  Andy then went on to win the ‘A’ Feature convincinly by lapping everyone but second place Dan McEndarfer.  Greg Parr finished 3rd ahead of Ron Coburn and Randy Day.  Mike Shewchuk, Nyle Weiler, Justin Stephens, Phil Bozell and Lee Slaton completed the top ten.  Nate Moon, Larry Hollenbeck, Bob Methany and John Hurst won the B, C, D & E features respectively.

Next on the schedule is the fan favorite Night of Destruction, next Saturday September 25.  Stay tuned to for all the details.

Call of the Wild Information Sheet

Kalamazoo Speedway


“Call of the Wild”-2010

Sponsored by Sweet Mfg!

Saturday, September 18TH 7:00PM

(Raindate will be Sunday, Sept. 19th 7PM)


Thomas Collects First Victory of the Season While Andy Bozell Wins 12th Track Championship

Tom Thomas finally put his bad luck streak behind him and drove from 11th starting position to win the 100 lap Outlaw Super Late Model feature at Kalamazoo Speedway Saturday night.  Trent Hellenga had an impressive second place effort ahead of Rick Sexton.  Andy Bozell locked up his 12th Outlaw Super Late Model championship in qualifying and went on to finish fourth in the feature ahead of son Phil Bozell, Jerry Drake, Randy Day, Rick Senneker, Randy Chupp and Bill Tomlinson.  Thomas was also quick time.


Mike Brooks had a career night which started by setting quick time which locked up his first career track championship.  He then proceeded to come from dead last and win the feature event over a hard charging Matt Bainbridge, Andy Bozell, Dan Loughan and Ben Raber.  Lindsey Katz had her best run of the year with a sixth place effort beating out Michelle Sexton, Steve Dolphin, Ryan Wheeler and Brent Hook.


Phil Bozell picked up the Season Championship win for the Super Stocks but the real story was Buddy Head who finished second and collected his first track championship.  Tom Rutherford set quick time and ran third in front of Matt Frazier and Jake Hopwood.  Chris Shannon finished sixth beating out Ron Houghson, Nick Gebben, Larry Hollenbeck and Angelo Buchino.


Lloyd Brooks picked up a popular win in the Pro Stocks over Matt Noble, who locked up his second track championship.  Seth Moody finished third ahead of Butch Glass and Tyler Hufford.  Jeff Wannamker was sixth ahead of Scott Elsey, Keith Wilfong, Matt Bainbridge and Jeff Carper.  Noble also set quick time.


Jerry Jansen came out on top of a crash marred Cyber Stock feature beating out Dale Leonard who collected his first Cyber Stock championship.  Clark Smith ran third ahead of Shawn Misak, Nick Layman, Logan Knight, John Rousseau, Doug Nelson, Art Kaeding and James Dyke.  Misak was quick time.


Next up is he Kalamazoo Klassic 200 for the Belle Tire Four Cylinder Enduro Series, which takes place tonight, September 5 at 7pm.  In addition to the Enduro the evening will feature FREE bus rides, a burnout contest and the fan favorite spectator drags.  For all Kalamazoo Speedway information keep your eye on


Awards Ceremony Tickets Now Available!

Tickets for the 2010 Kalamazoo Speedway Awards Ceremony (Friday, October 29) will be available this weekend at the payout window.  Tickets are $35.  If you can’t pick up your tickets this weekend call the Speedway Office (269-692-2423) and reserve your tickets today.

Shcedule/Payout Announced for Season Championship Night

Season Championship Night Order of Events:

Cyber Stock ‘B’ Feature – 20 Laps

Cyber Stock Feature – 25 Laps

Pro Stock Feature – 30 Laps

Super Stock Feature – 40 Laps

Modified Feature – 40 Laps

Outlaw Super Late Model Feature – 100 Laps


Pos Outlaw Super Late Models Modifieds Super Stocks Pro Stocks Cyber Stocks
1 1250 750 650 350 150
2 800 450 425 225 100
3 700 350 325 200 85
4 500 275 250 150 80
5 450 225 225 125 75
6 400 200 200 115 70
7 350 190 180 100 65
8 325 180 170 95 60
9 310 170 160 90 55
10 300 160 150 85 45
11 290 160 135 85 45
12 280 160 135 85 45
13 275 160 135 85 45
14 250 160 135 85 45
15 250 160 135 85 45
16 250 150 135 85 45
17 250 150 135 85 45
18 250 150 135 85 45
19 250 150 135 85 45
20 250 150 135 85 45
21 250 150 135 85 45
22 250 150 135 85 45
23 250 150 135 85 45
24 250 150 135 85 45

Senneker Returns to the Zoo With a Win

Terry Senneker returned to Kalamazoo Speedway Saturday night for the first time since his vicious Kalamazoo Klash practice crash and won the fifty lap Outlaw Super Late Model feature.  Rick Sexton continued his hot streak with a second place finish ahead of Todd Harrington, Mark Shook and Trent Hellenga.  Point leader Andy Bozell finished sixth ahead of Tom Thomas, Billy Shannon, Randy Day and Brandon Lyons.  Phil Bozell who entered the night fourth in points, finished 12th.  Hellenga set quick time and won a heat.  Dave Lober also won a heat.  Unofficially Andy Bozell, Hellegna, Sexton and Lyons all go into championship night with a mathematical chance of winning the Outlaw Super Late Model championship.


Mike Brooks returned to his winning ways with a victory in the Modified feature.  He was followed across the line by Michelle Sexton, Clay Deplanche, Ben Raber and Randy DeBoer.  Brent Hook, Lindsey Katz, Steve Dolphin, Andy Bozell and Dan Loughan completed the top ten.  Point contenders Matt Bainbridge and Ryan Wheeler struggled to eleventh and twelfth place finished respectively.  Hook and Bozell won heats while Brooks set quick time.  Brooks and Raber will decide the championship between the two of them next week.


Middleville’s Dave Sensiba was the winner of the thirty lap Super Stock feature holding off Phil Bozell.  Jake Hopwood was an impressive third ahead of Matt Corliss and Matt Frazier.  Darren Lane finished sixth ahead of Cory Kruzel, Chris Shannon, Robbie Ferrier and Mickey Cornwell.  Point leader Buddy Head was involved in an incident and finished 15th, closing the point gap substantially.  Hopwood was quick time while Rutherford and Kruzel won the heats.  Head now leads Hopwood by just 48 points with one week to go.  Chris Shannon also remains mathematically eligible.


Ron Landis picked up his first career win in the Pro Stock feature beating out Tyler Hufford, Keith Wilfong, Lloyd Brooks and Matt Noble.  Jeff Wannamaker finished sixth ahead of Butch Glass, Matt Bainbridge, Jeff Carper and Scott Elsey.  Noble was quick time and takes the point lead into the final week over Wilfong, who is still in championship contention.  Hufford and Elsey won the heats.


Nick Layman won the Cyber Stock feature over Dale Leonard, John Rousseau, Keith Dunham and Brian Gregersen.  Mike Tabbert, Bob Richmond, Travis Krum, Sarah Porter and Tim Towne rounded out the top ten.  Point contenders Doug Smith and Shawn Misak struggled to 15th and 16th place finishes.  Jerry Jansen set quick time while heats went to Clark Smith, and father and daughter John and Lauryn Rousseau.  Leonard, Layman and Dunham will decide the title amongst the three of them next week.


Next Saturday all five championships will be decided.  Stay up to date with all the news at

Six Hour Enduro Madness at the Zoo Information Sheet

Six Hour Enduro Madness at the Zoo

Kalamazoo Speedway Presents “The R-oval at the Zoo” Is it a Road Course or is it an Oval……it’s gonna be both, presented by Sunny Bay Disposal & LKQ Self Serve Auto Parts!

“We will start it on Saturday & finish it up on Sunday”

·         Payoff will be as follows: $2500-1500-1000-900-800-700-650-600-550-500-400-360-340-320-300-280-260-240-220-200 for 20th!  Also a $500 bonus for the highest finishing Kalamazoo Enduro Virgin (all drivers for that team must be newbie’s) and a $300 bonus for the highest finishing Mini Van!


·         Race will begin at 6PM September 11th & will conclude at 12:01 AM September 12th  


·         This will be open to 4 Cylinder FWD Enduro style cars as well as 6 Cylinder FWD Automatic Transmission Cars.  Strip out the glass & interior & Let’s Go R-oval Racin at the Zoo!


·          There will be only a $50 entry fee for the car and all pit passes will only be $25 for the entire event & grandstands will only be $12 We are looking to get every old car from out behind your garage out here to this event as well as trying to get every salvage yard out there to bring out your old clunkers to the Zoo and have some fun…..can we get 100 cars….how about 125 cars…..could we possible see over 150 cars??


·         Roll Cages will be optional, although it is highly recommended that you have a simple rollover bar behind your seat with a horizontal support bar to mount directly behind your seat back.  All cars must have a set of racing seat belts & shoulder harnesses as well as a Fire Suit Top and a Racing Helmet.  A full fire suit & racing gloves are always highly recommended.  Mini Vans are welcome…..lets help clean up the blite in your local trailer park!  We need your help…..we need to get some new people into this Enduro game!!


·         The 4 cylinder enduro rules will apply as to the stripping of the glass, upholstery, vinyl, extra seats, etc.  The tires will be stock tires including up to a 60 series tire; no low profile Z rated high performance tires. 


·         The top three finishing cars will be bought for $500 each (minus any safety equipment & battery).  These cars will be Crushed by a Monster Truck at the Night of Destruction two weeks following this event!!  Don’t put too much money in these cars… will be a shame to see some nice Escort GT crushed by Lil’ Miss Dangerous at the Night of Destruction But as an added bonus, the owner of each car to be crushed will receive 2 free tickets to the NOD event so you can watch your car being destroyed!


·         A few differences between this event & a regular enduro: This will be r-oval course, not just driving around in circles for 6 hours – all cars will pit in the top pits as the inner pits will be part of the R-oval road course.  We will be using a Jammer Truck to try and assist wounded cars back to their pits or off the infield road course -  you may use a single driver or team drivers A full roll cage is not required as the speeds will be slower that a typical race Checking camber in tech will not be so tight due to both right & left turns – So grab your buddy & get a car stripped out & lets get ready to rumble at The R-oval at the Zoo 2010!


2010 Haunt Park at Kalamazoo Speedway Fact Sheet

2010 Haunt Park at Kalamazoo Speedway Fact Sheet

(Psycho Ward Haunted House)


Location:     7656 Ravine Rd., Kalamazoo, MI 49009 (a few miles north of

                       Kalamazoo and 1 mile west of US-131’s “D” Avenue exit #44)

Schedule:       Fri. & Sat. Oct. 8-9

                       Fri. & Sat. Oct. 15-16

                       Fri. & Sat. Oct. 22-23

                       Fri., Sat. & Sun. Oct. 29-31

                       (7:30pm 11:00pm each night)

Attractions:     Psycho Ward IX  &  The Clown Cemetery

Admission:      $15.00 (two great attractionsone low price)

$3 off with canned good donation during our 1st two weekends (benefits Kalamazoo shelters).

$2 of coupons available at many Kalamazoo area retailers (offers may not be combined or used in conjunction with group rates or special events).

Group Tickets:    10-19 : $11 each

                            20-29: $10 each

                            30-39: $9 each

                            40 or more: $8 each

Group discounts are available to groups of 10 or more and must be purchased as a single transaction. Organization and business checks are welcome for group ticket purchases.  For questions regarding group tickets, call 269-491-0060.




Parental Guidance:  The Psycho Ward Haunted House is a high-intensity haunted attraction, not recommended for the faint of heart or those under 12 years old.  Children under 12 should not attend if they are frightened by scary situationssome love it, but many will be horrified.  Psycho Ward is designed to scare teens and adults, so please do not bring a child unless you are sure they know what to expect and you’re confident that they can handle the experience.


Special Events:

Fri. Oct. 8 – Bring non-perishable food donation and receive $3 off regular admission

Sat. Oct. 9 – Bring non-perishable food donation and receive $3 off regular admission

Fri. Oct. 15 College/high & middle school students with ID receive $3 off regular admission

Sat. Oct. 16 – Law enforcement, fire officials, active military, veterans, and their families receive $3 off regular admission

Fri. Oct. 22 – College students with ID receive $3 off regular admission

Sat. Oct. 23 – Wear your team jersey or scout uniform for $3 off regular admission

Fri. Oct. 29 High school students with ID receive $3 off regular admission

Sat. Oct. 30 – Customers in costume receive $3 off regular admission

Sun. Oct. 31 Bring clean jacket or blanket donation and receive $3 off regular admission

Cyber Stock Nationals Information Sheet

Cyber Stock Nationals Information Sheet:

Saturday, August 14th 7PM

-Event is Saturday, August 14, 2010 at 7:00

-Payout: $165-130-125-110-105-95-90-80-75-50-45 to start

-Trophies will be furnished by (


Cyber Stock Nationals Race Format/Rules:


No Entry Fee!!

All cars will start the ‘A’ Feature.  The race will be totally inverted and start 3 wide!

The race will be 25 laps.

All rules can be found at

This will be a points race.



Friday - September 26 - Super Shoe Nationals XXVIII - Practice & Qualifying Learn more