33, Robert Hardy

Division: Super Stock

Name: Robert Hardy

Age: 29

Hometown: Gobles

Car#: 33

Years In Racing: 15

Car Owner: Robert Hardy

Crew Members: Rich Hardy, Rodney Brown, Johnny Leftwhich, Phil Loedeman, Jessica Abbott

Sponsors: Back Pocket Racing, Nash outlets, Nelson Appliance, Loedeman’s Carpet Upholstry Cleaning, JCS Construction, Intensity 365

Family: Rich Hardy-Father
Mary Hardy-Mother
Norm Hotrum-Brother

Job Info: ADT alarm technician, Kalamazoo Christian -Football Coach

Racing Accomplishments: Raced at Kalamazoo speedwsy since I was 14

5, Haden Horvath

Hayden Horvath

Hayden Horvath

From: Haden Horvath 

Drivers Profile:
Division: Super Stock

Name: Haden Horvath

Age: 15

Hometown: Caledonia Mi.

Car#: 5

Years In Racing: 10

Car Owner: Tim Horvath Sr.

Crew Members: Tim Horvath
Tim Horvath II
Jeff Sterken

Sponsors: Mid West Appraisel group
Horvath Design
Nolf Chassis
Northern Trails 
Flamingo lounge
Weller Auto Parts

Family: Heather, Tim,Timmy Hannah Jt, Ashely, Taylor Gene kelly Ryan,


Racing Accomplishments: 3rd in Michiania cup at Mottville Speedway

Website: hvracing.com




1, Donnie Brest

From: Donnie Brest

Drivers Profile:
Division: Super Stock

Name: Donnie Brest

Age: 47

Hometown: Martin

Car#: 1

Years In Racing: To Many

Car Owner: Donnie Brest

Crew Members: Dale Artis
Steve Potter
Mike McKee

Sponsors: McDonald’s Auto Body
Midwest Custome Emdrodary
Pro Automotive Services

Family: Too many

Job Info: Owner- Pro Automotive

Racing Accomplishments: Jerry Landon Hard Charger Award
Feature Wins in Every Division



61, Gary Denzel

Gary Denzel

Division: Super Stock

Name: Gary Denzel

Age: 53

Hometown: Paw Paw, Michigan

Car#: 61

Years In Racing: 11

Car Owner: Alan Cross

Crew Members: Sondra Denzel

Sponsors: M & M Tires and Auto

Family: Wife – Sondra Denzel
Daughters – Sarah Fish and Amanda Campbell
Grandsons – Josh, Zack, Austin, Shyann, Alex

Job Info: Supervisor for the food industry

Racing Accomplishments: Won races at Mottville Speedway. Won Sportman of the year. The car made the cover of Michigan Racing Sceen.

Racing the Super Stock class at Kalamazoo.

30, Ben Beeler

Ben Beeler

Division: Super Stock

Name: Ben Beeler

Age: 33

Hometown: Richland, michigan

Car#: 30

Years In Racing: 10

Car Owner: Beeler Motorsports/ Ben Beeler

Crew Members: several lol….. whoever has time… Special thanks to Bill Tomlinson, Ben Raber, Mis Ter Sign, Jeff Bozell…. and of course my crew chief/wife Katie…

Sponsors: Beeler Motorsports
Send Out Cards

Family: Wife: Katie
son: Bryce
Mom: Melinda Russell
Dad: Randy Beeler
Sisters: Brandy, Brittany and Breanne

Job Info: Car Salesman

Racing Accomplishments: Raced on dirt tracks for 8 years in Illinois from 1996-2004 in modified and late model. Won several heat races and 30 features….. Trying to break the ice on asphalt!!!!


Comments: I’ve loved racing since my mom used to take me to the track when i was 3 years old. I’ll always be a part of racing no matter what…. it’s what I love!

21, Dave Simpson

Dave Simpson

Division: Super Stock

Name: Dave Simpson

Age: 28

Hometown: Lawton, MI

Car#: 21

Years In Racing: 4 years

Car Owner: Dave & Kristen Simpson

Crew Members: Roger Simpson
Jody Simpson
Jason Simpson
Jimmy Warner
Jeff Akers

Sponsors: Sebright Products, Hopkins, MI
Riverfront Chiropractics, Allegan, MI
Overbeek Construction, Hamilton, MI
Bill’s Village Auto Care, Hopkins, MI
Woodhouse Plumbing, Plainwell, MI
Jimmy Warner, Martin, MI
Sahr Building Supply, Kalamazoo, MI
Zion Church Builders, Inc., Kalamazoo, MI
MBK Corporate Promotions, Wyoming, MI
Steelcon, Kalamazoo, MI
IDI, Grand Rapids, MI

Family: Kristen (wife)
Ryan (son)
Brooklyn (daughter)

Job Info: Project Manager/Superintendent at Zion Church Builders, Inc., Kalamazoo, MI

Racing Accomplishments: “C” Feature winner in 2010 Super Shoe Race

Website: www.simpsonmotorsports21.com

Comments: Visit us on Facebook!

97, Cole Allers

Cole Allers

Division: Super Stock

Name: Cole Allers

Age: 27

Hometown: Mattawan

Car#: 97X

Years In Racing: 10

Car Owner: Matt Frazier

Crew Members: Barton Brooks

Sponsors: Allers Lawn Care

Family: Cristiana Allers (Wife)
Landyn Cole Allers (Son)

Job Info: Business Owner

Racing Accomplishments: Rookie of the year (Galesburg Speedway Mini-Stocks)

Rookie of the year (Galesburg Speedway Late Models)

Galesburg speedway 2005 sportmanship

Website: www.AllersLawnCare.com

36, Matt Elsey

Matt Elsey

Division: Super Stock

Name: matt elsey

Age: 26

Hometown: allegan

Car#: 36

Years In Racing: 4

Car Owner: scott elsey

Crew Members: scott bob danny jon

Sponsors: qualityquicklube allegan quality lawn care allegan autozone allegan mcdonalds production otsego

Family: christina rants girl friend matthew elsey jr son scott elsey dad

Job Info: manager and full certified mechanic at qualityquicklube allegan

Racing Accomplishments: points champion galesburg speedway 2006 street stock

47, Tom Rutherford

Tom Rutherford

Division: Super Stock

Name: Tom Rutherford

Age: 24

Hometown: Paw Paw, MI

Car#: 47

Years In Racing: 10

Car Owner: Tom Rutherford

Crew Members: Dad, Daisy, John, Bobby, Jeff, Drew, Harry, Aunt Kitty

Sponsors: AllStar Performance, Best Way Disposal, Smiths Tire, The Patches of Blue Farm, University Tan (UTan), Foune Well Drilling (FWD), Kalvan Realty Inc., Pillar Manufacturing Company, and Remington Excavating.

Family: Dad: Dan Rutherford
Girlfriend: Daisy Sagers

Job Info: Lane Automotive

Racing Accomplishments: 2009 hard charger, 5th in points 2009 and 2010


Comments: Thank you to all my Sponsors, family and friends that help make this possible!

68, David Guarino

Division: Super Stock

Name: David Guarino

Age: 45

Hometown: Edwardsburg, MI

Car#: 68

Years In Racing: 28

Car Owner: David Guarino

Crew Members: Patches – my daughter’s cat keeps me company when I’m out working in the shop working until 2am

Sponsors: DART Enterprises
Great Lakes Wine Magazine
Rheda Motor Company

Family: Julie (wife)
Shelby (daughter)
Antony (son)
Daniel (son)

Job Info: GLobal Product Support Engineer
Bayer HealthCare

Racing Accomplishments: Have raced on and off for 28 years, running everything from gokarts to late models on both dirt and asphalt.

Website: TBA

Comments: I love to race. Racing is the hardest sport I’ve ever been involved in, but it’s also the most gratifying. I’ve made lifelong friends and have some terrific memories of my years racing. Hoping my youngest wants to go quarter midget racing so I have a buddy to race with in the future.


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