94, Jerry Jansen Jr.

Jerry Jansen Jr.

Jerry Jansen Jr.

Drivers Profile:
Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Jerry Jansen Jr.

Age: 45

Hometown: Wayland Michigan

Car#: 94/99

Years In Racing: 1

Car Owner: Jerry Jansen Jr.

Crew Members: Jerry Jansen III
Kyle Jansen
Brian Gregerson
Nathan Gerow
Dave Fifelski

Sponsors: United Collision Center
Fifelski Builders
Ed Koehn Ford of Wayland

Family: Vanessa-wife
Jerry Jansen III-son
Kyle Jansen-son

Job Info: Own/work at United Collision Center

Racing Accomplishments: Rookie of the Year
Cyber Stock Track Champion
4 Feature Wins
Mini Shoe champion
1 Enduro win 
5 fast times

18, Tyler McGhan

Tyler McGhan

Tyler McGhan

Drivers Profile:
Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Tyler McGhan

Age: 20

Hometown: Battle Creek, MI

Car#: 18

Years In Racing: 5

Car Owner: Tyler McGhan

Crew Members: Dale McGhan
Kyle McGhan
Cody McGhan
Dennis Mudd
Ryan Osborne

Sponsors: Marquis Auto Parts
Tenney’s Eavestrouphing
Muffler Man of Battle Creek-Portland
Stuck Designs
Bee Xtreme Window Tinting
Jason’s Racing Pictures
Rombaugh Auto Sales
Savage Used Tires
McGhan Motorsports

Family: Father: Dale McGhan
Mother: Maureen McGhan
Brothers: Kyle McGhan (18)
               Cody McGhan (13)
Sister: Mackenzie McGhan (9)

Job Info: Guardian Fiberglass Insulation

Racing Accomplishments: 2012 Galesburg Speedway Points Championship Runner-up
Back to Back Burg Stock 50 lap spectacular winner (2012-2013 Galesburg Speedway)


Comments: “You can’t finish first if you don’t first finish” -Dick Trickle

4, Keegan Dykstra



 Drivers Profile:
Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Keegan Dykstra 

Age: 14 

Hometown: Wayland 

Car#: 4 

Years In Racing: 1st at Kzoo 7 years off road Go Karts 

Car Owner: Dan Dykstra 

Crew Members: Duane Proctor 

Sponsors: Professional Code Inspections
Carstar 76 Collision
FCC General Contractors
Cherry Valley Concrete
Duane Proctor Builder
Tailored Plumbing
Grandpa Dykstra 

Family: Dad: Dan Dykstra
Mom: Kathy Dykstra
Brother: Mason Dykstra 

Job Info: Currently Unemployed

Racing Accomplishments: Won Several Offroad Go Kart Features 




1, Donnie Brest

From: Donnie Brest

Drivers Profile:
Division: Super Stock

Name: Donnie Brest

Age: 47

Hometown: Martin

Car#: 1

Years In Racing: To Many

Car Owner: Donnie Brest

Crew Members: Dale Artis
Steve Potter
Mike McKee

Sponsors: McDonald’s Auto Body
Midwest Custome Emdrodary
Pro Automotive Services

Family: Too many

Job Info: Owner- Pro Automotive

Racing Accomplishments: Jerry Landon Hard Charger Award
Feature Wins in Every Division



17, Jason Ratashak

From: Jason Ratashak

Drivers Profile:
Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Jason Ratashak

Age: 41

Hometown: Kalamazoo

Car#: 17

Years In Racing: forever

Car Owner: Jason Ratashak

Crew Members: Mike Malin
Ben Beeler
Ben Raber
Mr. Sign

Sponsors: Send Out Cards
Auto Shak
Sprinkle Mart
Luna Discs
more to come!

Family: Liz (wife)
Elsa (dog)
Hot Rod, Max, and Simon (cats)

Job Info: owner and proprietor of the Auto Shak
where “I can probably fix that!”

Racing Accomplishments: most recently 4 main event wins at Kalamazoo Speedway
2 wins as tire changer in ARCA Series
many event wins at Kalamazoo Speedway and Galesburg as a crewmember

many great looking paint jobs!


Comments: looking forward to racing toward the top 10 in points in 2013!

16, JC Russell

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: JC Russell

Age: 16

Hometown: Elkheart

Car#: 16

Years In Racing: 1

Car Owner: John Russell

Crew Members: Crazyjoe John Russell Adam bistoadau Ben Heath Jim beers

Sponsors: Johnny’s Auto

Family: John Russell Heather Mathes

Job Info: Racecar driver

Racing Accomplishments: None yet


Comments: This is my first year racing and its been a blast

77, Hal Ford

Hal Ford

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Hal Ford

Age: 61

Hometown: Plainwell

Car#: 77

Years In Racing: 3

Car Owner: Dale Towns

Crew Members: Julia Ford
Mark Sundberg

Sponsors: Home Town Plumbing
Perks Auto parts and salvage

Family: Wife Julia

Job Info: Retired Police Lt.

Racing Accomplishments: One year Cyber stocks and one year Endro racing  in the A5 car. No wins…but a lot of fun and lot of driver friends.


Comments: This year: `Racing just two weekend dates of July 21st and July 28th. The 28th is The Otsego Council #7796 Knights of Columbus , 3rd annual “Knights Night Out.” Over 50 adults and 20 children will be attending  representing the Knights of Columbus.

61, Gary Denzel

Gary Denzel

Division: Super Stock

Name: Gary Denzel

Age: 53

Hometown: Paw Paw, Michigan

Car#: 61

Years In Racing: 11

Car Owner: Alan Cross

Crew Members: Sondra Denzel

Sponsors: M & M Tires and Auto

Family: Wife – Sondra Denzel
Daughters – Sarah Fish and Amanda Campbell
Grandsons – Josh, Zack, Austin, Shyann, Alex

Job Info: Supervisor for the food industry

Racing Accomplishments: Won races at Mottville Speedway. Won Sportman of the year. The car made the cover of Michigan Racing Sceen.

Racing the Super Stock class at Kalamazoo.

21, Kyle Shannon

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Kyle Shannon

Age: 14

Hometown: Plainwell

Car#: 21

Years In Racing: Rookie

Car Owner: Dad & Mom Shannon

Crew Members: Aunt Angie Shannon,Joel, Greg, Zach,Josh and most important Dad.

Sponsors: Ritsema machining,city cab,cds auto repair.

Family: Dad Billy Shannon mom Julie,brother jamie & sister Sarah

Job Info: All that athlectics

Racing Accomplishments: Hoping my Dad puts enough gas in the car so i can finish a race!!!

40, Jamison Russell

Jamison Russell

Division: Super Late Model

Name: Jamison Russell

Age: 21

Hometown: Kalamazoo

Car#: 40

Years In Racing: 7

Car Owner: Scott Russell

Crew Members: Blake Wilcox, Shane Abbott

Sponsors: Titan Eq, Romence Gardens,iTrailer,Knapp Energy, Steelcon,Allstar Performance,Nash Outlets,Olney Race Engines, Mr.Sign.

Family: Parent-Scott & Betsy Russell,Sister- Kenzie Russell

Job Info: Smashburger Inc

Racing Accomplishments: Raced karts ages 11-13. Started at Kalamazoo Speedway in Pure Stock class at age 14. Has won features in Pure Stock,Sportsman, and Super Stock classes. Most Improved driver award three times. Also has raced at Spartan Speedway. Also served as crewmember for Curt Spalding UMP Modified,Dirt Latemodel, and NASCAR Superlate classes. Qualified only template body car to make Kalamazoo Call of the Wild A feature in 2011.

Website: www.jamisonrussell.com

Comments: 2012 is first year in Superlate class.


Saturday - November 1 - 2014 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Kalamazoo Speedway Awards Ceremony Learn more