14, Richard Succaw

Division: Mini-Stocks

Name: Richard Succaw

Age: 18

Hometown: Grand Rapids

Car#: 14

Years In Racing: 1

Car Owner: Richard Succaw

Crew Members: Brandon Start

Sponsors: N/A

Family: Scott A. Salesfke – Brother
Sheila M. Salesfke – Sister
Arlynn M. Salefske – Mother

Job Info: No job

Racing Accomplishments: Just to have fun

18, Andrew Brest

Andrew Brest

Division: Mini-Stocks

Name: Andrew Brest

Age: 25

Hometown: Plainwell

Car#: 18

Years In Racing: 0

Car Owner: Andrew Brest

Crew Members: Donnie Brest
Dale Artis
James Blakely
Bill Ball

Sponsors: Pro Automotive
Midwest Custom Embrodery

Family: Donnie Brest (Father)
Rubie Brest (Grandmother)
Susan-Tara-Dale Artis (Aunt/Cousin)
Lori-Terry Coe (Aunt/Uncle)
Stacie-James-Easton Blakely (cousin)
Jamie-Lauren-Josh Coe (cousin)
Mel Sherwood (fiance)
*The Entire Jones Gang *

Job Info: United States Marine Corp

Racing Accomplishments: None… YET

33, Noah Gallandt

Division: Mini-Stocks

Name: Noah Gallandt

Age: 14

Hometown: Bay City

Car#: 33

Years In Racing: 5

Car Owner: Douglas Gallandt

Crew Members: Doug , Terry

Sponsors: Scotts Racing, Little Kalamazoo Speedway ….

Family: Doug , Carmen , Daniel , Carey

Job Info: Student

Racing Accomplishments: Raced Quarter Midgets for the past five years

599, Ryan Schrock

Ryan Schrock

Division: Mini-Stocks

Name: Ryan Schrock

Age: 24

Hometown: Goshen,IN

Car#: 599

Years In Racing: rookie, first year

Car Owner: Ryan Schrock

Crew Members: Ashley Wert
Bobby Laughter

Sponsors: Absolute Auto Recyling
Competition Graphics

Family: girlfriend Ashley wert

Job Info: work at bennington marine

Racing Accomplishments: 2011 sportsman of the year in mini stocks at new paris.


Comments: i got the sportsmen of the year award cuz i let my bestfriend drive my brand new mini that i never got to race when his car was broke

66, Timmay Towne

Division: Mini-Stocks

Name: Timmay Towne

Age: 21

Hometown: Otsego Michigan

Car#: 66

Years In Racing: 2

Car Owner: Dale Towne

Crew Members: Dale Towne
Curtis Towne

Sponsors: Rj’s Expediting
Garys Lawn and Garden.com
Home Towne Plubming

Family: Mom- Beverly Towne
Dad- Dale Towne
Brother- Curtis Towne

Job Info: Perrigo

Racing Accomplishments: none

1, Jeff Sieber

Division: Mini-Stocks

Name: Jeff

Age: 47

Hometown: Galesburg

Car#: 1

Years In Racing: 5

Car Owner: Jeff Sieber

Crew Members: Krissy

Sponsors: JJ’s Auto repair

Family: Krissy

Job Info: Pfizer

Racing Accomplishments: I’ve won a few I’ve lost a few.  Had a lot of fun along the way.

5, Bryce Smith

Division: Mini-Stocks

Name: Bryce Smith

Age: 18

Hometown: Middlebury

Car#: 5

Years In Racing: 2

Car Owner: Bryce Smith

Crew Members: Steve Smith Jr and Sr, Farmer Joe Smith Steve Emmans Danny Emmans

Sponsors: BWC Custom Coating, Country Lane Shorthorns

Family: Dad: Steve Smith Sr
Mom: Patty Smith
Brother: Steve Smith Jr

Kyle Ballard

Division: Mini-Stocks

Name: Kyle Ballard

Age: 25

Hometown: Comstock Park

Car#: Racing 4 Kidz

Years In Racing: 10

Car Owner: Racing 4 Kidz

Crew Members: Casey

Sponsors: Racing 4 Kidz
Russell Automotive
Stock Car Extreme

Family: Wife Casey

Job Info: Sales

Racing Accomplishments: Spartan Speedway Track Champion
Berlin Raceway Feature Wins

Website: www.racing4kidz.com

8, Kevin Sinkler

Kevin Sinkler

Drivers Profile:
Division: Mini-Stocks

Name: Kevin Sinkler

Age: 25

Hometown: Comstock Mi

Car#: 8

Years In Racing: 4

Car Owner: Kevin Sinkler

Crew Members: Gramps, Big Body Motorsports,Bob Mason

Sponsors: S&S Painting ,West Michigan Glass Concepts ,Roofs & More

Family:  my wife Leanne & my son Kevin Jr

Job Info: Painter

Racing Accomplishments: winning 4 fast heats in my first year racing sportsman at Galesburg and running call of the wild at Kalamazoo in 2011 and runnin there full time in 2012

29, Joe Gonzales

Drivers Profile:
Division: Mini-Stocks

Name: Joe Gonzales

Age: 30

Hometown: kalamazoo

Car#: 29

Years In Racing: 4

Car Owner: joe & melissa gonzales

Crew Members: Big Body MotorSports, and any one willing to lend a hand.

Sponsors: Big Body Motorsports,Mr.sign,Fowler Interriors,Trade world,Negitive Nancy Productions,and anyone else wanting to join a great fun team…

Family: wife melissa,kids elena,alecia,joey

Job Info: bells brewery

Racing Accomplishments: finishing in the top 5 in points the last 3 years. numerous heat wins and feature wins.meeting a great group of people


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