16, Cliff Lambert

Cliff Lambert

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Cliff Lambert

Age: 44

Hometown: Parchment

Car#: 16

Years In Racing: 1

Car Owner: Lisa Alli

Crew Members: Lisa Alli
Nick Rugg
Tim West

Sponsors: Lee’s Famose Recipe Chicken
Forrest automotive
H&H Auto Body

Family: Girlfriend Lisa Alli
Sister’s Char and Marilyn Lambert

Job Info: Truck driver

Racing Accomplishments: Driving for the first time after crewing for 33 yrs.

32, Lee Misak

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Lee Misak

Age: 32

Hometown: Gobles

Car#: 32

Years In Racing: 6yrs

Car Owner: Gary Vanarsdale

Crew Members: Shawn,Kaylee Misak and Boss and Brain!and Jesse

Sponsors: LKQ-GLV racing

Family: Brenda wife!Kids are Hunter,Preston,Lee Jr,Clay!

Job Info: Meat Butcher @ Hardings In Bangor!

Racing Accomplishments: Winning alot of B-Features in Factory Stock!And have my family supporting me each week!Thanks to Gary for letting me race the 32 cyber stock this year!


Comments: Thanks to my wife all the late nights that I work the car!

21, Jack Cook

Jack Cook


From: Jack Cook

Drivers Profile:
Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Jack Cook

Age: 36

Hometown: Plainwell, Michagan

Car#: 1

Years In Racing: 2nd year first full season

Car Owner: Jack Cook sr.

Crew Members: Jack Cook sr.
Dwight Anderson
Jackson Cook
Amber Zoll
Rita Cook
Diego Zoll
Vaida Cook

Sponsors: B&S AUTO Vicksburg,MI
FURR automotive Kalamazoo,MI

Family: Jack sr.,(dad)Rita,(step mom),Amber(fiance),Jackson,Diego,Vaida (children)


Racing Accomplishments: Heat win at M40 speedway
4 top 10s at Kalamazoo speedway
top 10 in B-feature @ M40speedway


Comments: Need sposorship contributions to pay for tires advertising space in return

66, Bob Miller

Bob Miller

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Bob Miller

Age: 43

Hometown: Hamilton

Car#: 66

Years In Racing: 2 years. But its been 10 years

Car Owner: Me

Crew Members: Terry VanHekken, Sherwin Prins

Sponsors: Miller Racing, Bills Blue Lanturn Auto

Family: wife Kim Miller

Job Info: Autobody repair

Racing Accomplishments: super shoe heat race win 2001



16, Clayton Bell

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Clayton Bell

Age: 22

Hometown: White pigeon, MI

Car#: 16

Years In Racing: 1st

Car Owner: John Russell

Crew Members: Billy Terry
John Russell
Jim Beers
Sie Sharp

Sponsors: Russell Recycling Inc.
Russell Automotive Inc.
Russell U-strip It Parts Yard

Family: Clayton A. Bell
Laura Bell

Job Info: I run Russell Automotives U-Strip It Parts Yard.

Racing Accomplishments: Hoping to have some by the end of the 2011 racing season.



13, Anna Haynes

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Anna Haynes

Age: 14

Hometown: Stevensville,MI

Car#: 13

Years In Racing: 0

Car Owner: Greg Haynes

Crew Members: Greg Haynes, David Haynes, Cameron Haynes, Al Heritz,

Sponsors: Romzewicz Motorsports, Midwest Glass

Family: Father: Greg Haynes
Mother: Sharon Haynes
Siblings: Cameron,10; Laina,5

Job Info: –

Racing Accomplishments: –

Website: www.annahracing.blogspot.com


71, Timmy Towne

Timmy Towne

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Timmy Towne

Age: 20

Hometown: Otsego Michigan

Car#: 71

Years In Racing: 1

Car Owner: Dale Towne

Crew Members: Dale Towne
Curtis Towne

Sponsors: RJ’s Expediting
Home Towne Plumbing
Backflow Testing Services.net
Garys Lawn and Garden.com

Family: Mom- Bev Towne
Dad- Dale Towne
Brother- Curtis Towne

Job Info: None

Racing Accomplishments: none



11, Brian Gregersen

Brian Gregersen

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Brian Gregersen

Age: 50

Hometown: Wayland

Car#: 11

Years In Racing: 5

Car Owner: Brian Gregersen

Crew Members: Lee Misak
Jerry Jansen 2nd
Jerry Jansen 3rd

Sponsors: United Collision of Wayland
B & K Graphics
Bentleys Party Store of Wayland
A-1 Wholesale Tire of Wayland
Harlequin Hair Fashions of Wayland

Family: Karen (wife)

Erica (daughter)
Jessica (daughter)
Brandon (son)

5 Grandkids

Job Info: C. Stoddard & Sons

Racing Accomplishments: 2 yrs at Kalamazoo Speedway 7th and 8th in points. Top 100 short tracks in Nascar in USA.



33, Clark Smith

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: clark smith

Age: 31

Hometown: plainwell

Car#: 33

Years In Racing: 4

Car Owner: me

Crew Members: david gibbs and jermey gibbs

Sponsors: lkq, cageworks and mr signs

Family: my babies joshua and lauren

Job Info: carpenter

Racing Accomplishments: winning back to back fast heats last year and the van races



15, Doug Smith

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: White Doug

Age: 39

Hometown: Plaiwnell

Car#: 15

Years In Racing: a couple

Car Owner: Self

Crew Members: Dale Leonard “Black Doug”
Dan DenBraber “Luigi”
Keith Dunham “Superstar”
Logan Knight “Squigy”
Sponsors: LKQ Self Service Auto Parts
Fast Trax Bar and Grill

Family: Kathy Smith- wife
Logan Smith- son
Brittany Smith- daughter
Lindsey Hackenberg- daughter

Job Info: Truck Driver for Red Baron Pizza

Racing Accomplishments: Won an heat race other than that helping friends win championships is a pretty good highlight.

Website: http://www.dougsdirtyraceteam.net46.net/

Comments: This year is gonna be interesting, gonna give dirt racing a shot.


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