39, Walter Nielson III

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Walter Nielson III

Age: 52

Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI

Car#: 39

Years In Racing: 0

Car Owner: myself

Crew Members: Walter Nielson IV and fellow driver of car # 64

Sponsors: LKQ, Tire Rack, The Sign Barn

Family: Mary Nielson (wife)

Job Info: Tool and Die Maker

Racing Accomplishments: Crew member on car # 64

Website: www.nielsonmotorsports.com

64, Walter Nielson IV

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Walter Nielson IV

Age: 31

Hometown: Vicksburg, MI

Car#: 64

Years In Racing: 3

Car Owner: Myself

Crew Members: Walter Nielson III and now fellow driver of car # 39.

Sponsors: LKQ, Tire Rack, The Sign Barn

Family: Jenny Nielson (wife)
Walter Nielson V (son)
Riley Nielson (daughter)

Job Info: Truckdriver

Racing Accomplishments: Have run in a few enduros in 2005 and 2006. Started in Cyberstock in 2009 and ran through 2010. Got 1 Heat win in 2010. Took 2011 off for the birth of Riley. Now back in 2012 with my dad and fellow driver.

Website: www.nielsonmotorsports.com

25, Felicia Meade

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Felicia Meade

Age: 18

Hometown: Allegan

Car#: 25

Years In Racing: 5

Car Owner: Self Owned

Crew Members: Rick Meade, Dave Payne and Nick de Longpre.

Sponsors: Biggby Coffee
Franks Tire & Auto
Horvath Design
Wyrick Company
Wedge Auto Body

Family: Parents: Rick Meade(Dad)& Kathy Meade(Mom)
Siblings: Olivia Meade(Sister)
Boyfriend: Nick de Longpre

Job Info: Barista at Bibby Coffee

Racing Accomplishments: All race days and to be continued…

28, Kristen Appel

Kristin Appel

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Kristen Appel

Age: 16

Hometown: Wyoming

Car#: 28

Years In Racing: 1

Car Owner: Darwin Bergakker

Crew Members: Logan Meinema
Steve Carter
Darwin Bergakker
Brian Bergakker
Jessica Bergakker

Sponsors: Comp-U-Tv

Family: Appel and Bergakker

Job Info: waitress at China 1 Buffet

Racing Accomplishments: survived my first race and some of my car did to

17, Scott Ring

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Scott Ring

Age: 33

Hometown: Caledonia

Car#: 17

Years In Racing: 0

Car Owner: Scott Ring

Crew Members: Josh Rothley, Zac Schmuker, Elijah Ayers

Sponsors: My right back pocket

Family: Lina-wife
Scott Jr-son

Job Info: Technician/team leader at Toyota of Grand Rapids

Racing Accomplishments: None yet

00, Joel Ritsema

Joel Ritsema

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Joel Ritsema

Age: 23

Hometown: Kalamazoo

Car#: 00

Years In Racing: 3

Car Owner: Billy & Julie Shannon

Crew Members: Greg, Josh, Zach

Sponsors: Ritsema Precision Machining, City Cab

Family: Dad- Joel
Mom- Kristi
Brother- Greg

Job Info: Pineview Greenhouse

Racing Accomplishments: 1 hear race win in 2011
Being apart of a feature winning late model crew in 2010


Comments: Thank you to the Shannons for the opportunity to drive a race car!

43, Daelynn Post


Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Daelynn Post

Age: 45

Hometown: Hopkins, MI

Car#: #43

Years In Racing: 2nd year

Car Owner: Daelynn Post

Crew Members: Carl Post, Terry Post, Terry & Vickie Broersma

Sponsors: Boozer Excavating, RT Stitchcrafts

Family: Carl Post, Husband

Job Info: Compassionate Care Director for Project Hope of NE Allegan County, Dorr, MI

Racing Accomplishments: One year Enduros

20, Curtis Towne

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Curtis Towne

Age: 14

Hometown: Otsego Michigan

Car#: 20

Years In Racing: Rookie

Car Owner: Dale Towne

Crew Members: Dale Towne
Tim Towne
Sean Elkins
Daton Wright

Sponsors: Rj’s Expediting
Home Towne Plumbing
Backflow Testing Services
Friendship Wesleyan Church Fire of God Youth Minsters
Garys Lawn and Garden.com
Sun Drop soda

Family: Beverly Towne- Mom
Dale Towne- Dad
Timmmy Towne- Brother

Job Info: none

Racing Accomplishments: None

27, Sean Elkins

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Sean M Elkins

Age: 15

Hometown: Plainwell

Car#: 27

Years In Racing: 1st

Car Owner: Sean Elkins

Crew Members: Corey Lutz, Brad Correll, Donny Ash, Ricky LaDuke

Sponsors: Pending

Family: Sandra(mom),Darryl(dad),Ricky,Donny,

Job Info: None

Racing Accomplishments: None


Comments: Thanks to Gary Howe if it wasn’t for him i wouldn’t be racing and to Corey and Brad for helping with the cage

22, DJ Oxford

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Dj Oxford

Age: 16

Hometown: Gobles Mi

Car#: 22

Years In Racing: Rookie

Car Owner: Dj Oxford

Crew Members: Danny Oxford
Bobby Oxford
Matt Elsey
Scott Elsey

Sponsors: Quality Quick Lube

Family: Danny Oxford jr.-Dad
Sharon Hopkins-mom
Anthony Hopkins-stepdad
Crystal Burchette-sister
Haley Hopkins-sister
Aj Hopkins-brother
Tanner Burchette-nephew
Alayna Burchette-niece
Bobby Oxford-uncle

Job Info: General at Samuel Mancinos

Racing Accomplishments: Raced my first ever race at super shoe 2011. i started last and finished 3rd.


Comments: This season i want to run hard and keep my car together


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