Call of the Wild Show Information

Kalamazoo Speedway’s newest addition to the communication era is the debut of “Call of the Wild” internet radio show, hosted by Racin’ Jason Seltzer and “The Wild Child” Ben Raber.  After a successful trial run last week, it is set to kick off Tuesday night, March 9th.  The show is to begin at 8:30 and is one hour long.  We will be talking about all aspects of racing on a weekly basis, with a focus at the World’s Fastest 3/8th’s Mile, the Kalamazoo Speedway.  This will be interactive for fans and drivers, with a chance to call in and comment or ask questions during the show.  We are pleased to announce our first guest for the CotW show, that being the driver of the Madhouse #83 NASCAR Whelen Modified at Bowman Gray Stadium, Tim Brown!  Tim will be calling in around 8:45 to talk about the Madhouse season, and his upcoming race season at BGS.  The show can be viewed at, and to contact the show, call us at (646) 652-2454.  Patrick McNamara will co-host, and moderate the show throughout the season. 


Saturday - April 11 - Pre-Season Testing Learn more