Call of the Wild Kicks Off Tuesday Night

Tuesday night brings back an old tradition and Speedway history as Fast Trax Bar & Grill will host the internet television show “Call of the Wild”.  The show will share some great stories of Kalamazoo Speedway drivers, and even the biggest racefan will learn something new. 

The first show of the season will take place March 29th and will start off with a bang.  “Champions Night Out” will host the Kalamazoo Speedway 2010 division champions.  Andy Bozell, Buddy Head, and Dale Leonard have confirmed as guests so far. Track owner Gary Howe will bring fans up to speed with all the latest news about Opening Night and the upcoming 2011 racing season. 
Fans, old and new, are welcome to come out and get to know the drivers.  Fast Trax Bar is located directly behind the Club Car Restaurant on D avenue, just Northeast of the Speedway.  The bar will open the doors at 6, and the show is slated for a 7 p.m. start.  You can keep up to date with the schedule of the show by visiting their fanpage,

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