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About Us

Who are we? First and foremost, we are true fans of racing and we care about the people and future of the sport. Early on, we saw the need to help and provide services for racers and sponsors.  We have been providing these services for many years, including building and designing marketing materials,  seeking, landing and managing sponsorships, along with just putting people together that can help each other reach their goals in racing.

We understand sponsorship is a win-win situation for everyone!  Sponsors get help promoting their company and sell their products, racers get to do what they love, fans get to cheer on their favorites and loyally support the sponsors!

Sponsor + Racer + Entertainment = Marketing Success

Why did we create SponsorEdge.com?  We are a team of motorsports marketing professionals who realized a huge void within the industry.  Over the last 25 years we have witnessed the frustration from drivers, teams, tracks and other entities in the sport concerning the everyday  issues of  seeking and landing sponsorship.  We have seen thousands of man hours and dollars wasted as companies sift through piles of proposals in search of the right opportunity to add to their programs.  We understand how hard it is for racers and sponsors to find each other.  We also understand how costly and time consuming it is on both sides. 

We knew there had to be an easier way!  A way for sponsors, racers, teams, tracks, series, promoters and other industry professionals to network together, making the process of finding each other easier and more cost effective. We put our heads together, combined the perfect team of professionals, and SponsorEdge.com was developed.

Join Sponsor Edge today and get networking to find the perfect sponsorship connections for your racing or marketing needs!





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