24 Hours at the Zoo Enduro Event

24 Hours at the Zoo Enduro Event

Kalamazoo Speedway tentatively has a 24 Hour Enduro event on our schedule for mid September.  This was going to be a track rental/lease program, where an outside company runs the entire event, including rules, tech, payout, etc.  Upon doing some further research on this series, these are a few hic-ups that I have discovered:

1.      The average entry fee for a 4 person team including car entry, pit passes, licenses, etc would be $1250-1400 per team.

2.      The payout is a whopping $3250, paying $2000 to win, $750 for 2nd and $500 for 3rd……that’s it!

3.      What is supposed to be no more than a $500 car(not counting roll cage or safety equipment) turns out to be a large group of V-8 Mustangs & Camaro’s, as well as BMW’s and Mazda RX-7’s running their circuit.  It appears that they do have a claim rule they can invoke if they deem a car is too pricey although the one car they did throw the claim into effect last year was a Mercedes with a V-12 engine.

4.      This appears to be a game for the rich & the famous, like the Porsche, Corvette & Viper Clubs that race their toys around different road courses.

Now this is our 10th consecutive year we have put on enduro’s; something that we have worked very hard on & have had a decent amount of success, and this is not the type of “Enduro Events” that we usually run at Kalamazoo Speedway.  We would like to propose the following and see if we could muster up some interest as well as some new & fresh ideas for a similar event that we would run ourselves.  Here are a few of our questions and a portion of our ideas for this event that could be running at the Zoo in about 7 months:

1.    First off, this would not be a 10,000 lap race around the oval at the Zoo…..this would be a R-oval, which is a cross between an oval and a road course running through the infield.

2.    Does it need to be a full 24 hours…..could it be 12, 16 or 18 hours and still have the same effect as a 24 hour deal…..give us your input here.  This would be the true meaning of Endurance.

3.    Our Payout would be something like $5000 to win-3000-2000-1200-1000-850-750-650-550-500 for 10th place.

4.    Our Entry Fee for the car including the 4 pit passes for the drivers would be $650.

5.    Our rules would be similar to our regular 4 cylinder enduros, although we would basically allow most any 4 or 6 Cylinder Front Wheel Drive car or van.  We would like to see the value of the car around $1000-1500 (not $5-8000), and would probably have to police this with some sort of a bounty of around $2500 for the complete car minus bolt on safety equipment.

Our big question we need answered; keeping in mind that most of these cars would probably be built for this endurance race as well as this is the next week following the huge Labor Day 4 Cylinder 2 hour enduro.  Bottom line, could we expect at least 60 cars for this event?  Take a few minutes & lets us know your thoughts & idea’s and if you think you would be interested in running this inaugural event at the Zoo.   You can answer us back on Facebook or e-mail gary@kalamazoospeedway.com



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