2018 Kalamazoo Rule Amendments & Reminders

2018 Kalamazoo Rule Amendments & Reminders

As we have been working with several area tracks to try to align rules and class names during the early off season, some rules weren’t clear and some rules weren’t recognized by other local tracks.  Not everything worked out perfect, but many class rules are now nearly identical, making it much easier for race teams to do some traveling if they chose to do so. 

Below are a few rule amendments and clarifications that need to be addressed which have now already been changed in the weekly rules section.  As for the Outlaw Super Late Model rules, Kalamazoo is backing off a couple of the rule changes for the 2018 season, however some testing during the season and collaboration with other tracks could produce some similar changes back for the 2019 season.  It does no good for our track to have a couple rule changes if other tracks don’t follow suit, so that would be the reason for the reversing of the dreaded air box rule and weight add on. 

The 2018 rules are now official!  Opening day is about 4 months away……… good luck and good racing! 

Street Stocks:  Sway bars must remain stock (no splined sway bars) but will be allowed to be mounted above or below the lower control arms.

Late Model Sportsman:  Following suit with CRA, the new Five Star template body that made its introduction at PRI will not be allowed for 2018.    

Outlaw Super Late Models: The 2700 lb. base weight as well as the option of having air come from below the car or thru the nose will be the rule for 2018.  However, the way the rule has read for the past three years of NO additional panning below the car will still be in effect.      

2018 Kalamazoo Speedway Rules

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