Kalamazoo Speedway’s Fox Spec Shock Test Program for 2017

Kalamazoo Speedway’s Fox Spec Shock Test Program for 2017

Kalamazoo Speedway’s Fox Spec Shock Test Program for 2017

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Kalamazoo Speedway has been working with Fox Shocks & Lane Automotive for well over a year on developing a high quality spec shock that could be suitable for any top tier class of pavement racecars.  The shock that is being developed by Fox is a very high quality aluminum threaded bodied rebound adjustable shock that is sealed & cannot be opened up for re-valving or tampering.  Although this shock would easily be compared to higher end shocks that range from $450 on up, this specially developed shock will be selling in the $250 range from Lane Automotive.   This shock is being viewed by Fox, Lane Automotive as well as from Kalamazoo Speedway as a major cost cutting tool in the battle against the run-a-way cost of unlimited shock technology. 

With that being said, the engineering process of making an aluminum shock to be totally tamper resistant has been more of a manufacturing process than once thought.  After all, the only way a spec shock program could ever be accepted in this ultra-competitive market of the short track racer is for everyone to know that they have the exact same shocks on their competitors do.   Fox Shocks has the engineering & the reputation in being able to develop & produce this very product!

While hoping to have had these shocks available by March 1st so that several teams would be running these at the first open practice; that deadline is not going to be.  The safe delivery date to have these shocks manufactured, delivered and to be on the shelves at Lane Automotive has regretfully been moved to June 1st.  Not at all what we had all hoped for but we’ve been assured that it is a realistic date.

Super Lates & Super Stocks would still have better than half the season to run on this shock program if they so desired.  As we had said previously, we will have some private open track dates for testing these shocks out.  We will also be offering the same weight breaks that we discussed earlier (50 lb. overall weight break and a 2% left side weight break) for teams that choose to run on these shocks.  

The end goal of trying these shocks out over the second half of the 2017 season would still be the exact same as it was when we first announced this program.  The drivers trying these shocks out would be the test pilots to see how these shocks worked out and to see if the implementation of a spec shock rule in 2018 would be suitable for Kalamazoo Speedway as well as the many short tracks across the tri state area that have contacted us expressing interest in this program.   We will keep you updated over the next couple months; so don’t hesitate to contact us at the speedway office with any questions.   We will hopefully answer any questions that you have or we will put you in contact with someone from Fox or from Lane Automotive to get you the answers that we can’t help you with.    


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