Intimidator 100 laps selling FAST!

Intimidator 100 laps selling FAST!

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Intimidator 100 laps selling FAST!
Intimidator 100 laps are filling up FAST!  A very unique opportunity for the small racefan or company to get involved with racing, and getting some advertising in at the same time!  A lap sponsored by you or your company for $15/each will result in that money going directly to the driver that leads that lap!  Your name/company name gets announced throughout the night at the Intimidator 100, as well as posted on the Kalamazoo Speedway webpage and facebook page.  A special insert with all 100 lap sponsors on one side, and results from the 2010 racing season on the other will be inserted into the Kalamazoo Speedway program which will return for the 2011 racing season.  Lap sponsor money, along with a guaranteed purse, will help the Intimidator 100 remain one of the biggest Opening Night payoff’s in the State of Michigan!
Rich Nash with NASH Outlets has sponsored several laps, including the first lap, the “Race back to the stripe” lap, giving a $100 bonus to the driver first back to the line after Rick Beebe gives them the green flag.  He has also thrown in another $100 bonus for the driver that gets fast time in qualifying for the Intimidator 100.
Greg Cady with City Cab and Cady Properties has sponsored a 10 lap block for this big race!  Race For Kids Sake, Inc., Howe Patio & Window, along with Kelly Radiator & Auto Repair have all purchased multi lap sponsorships.
Crossed flags will greet the leader at half way, and Donnie Brest at Pro Automotive Services has put up a $100 bonus as well for the driver leading lap 51.
There was a drawing with all the sponsors for the person that would bring the cars to life on the frontstretch with “Gentlemen, start your engines!” and Rich Nash won that privledge.  We will have one final drawing on Friday March 18, 2011 of the remaining lap sponsors to see who gets to wave the green flag to start the Intimidator!
Get involved today, and support some great short track racing at Kalamazoo Speedway!  To purchase a lap, contact  All remaining laps are $15/each.
1 NASH Outlets 51 Pro Automotive Services
2 NASH Outlets 52 Next Generation Lawn Care
3 Ben Raber 53 Next Generation Lawn Care
4 Bartelt Travel 54 Next Generation Lawn Care
5 Mr. Smooth Kenny Head 55 In Loving Memory of Jay Plank
6 Andy Bozell, Jr. 56 Howe Patio & Window
7 Mickey Cornwell 57 Mark Shook
8 Bullet Driveline & Suspension 58 Next Generation Lawn Care
9 In Loving Memory of Margaret Finkbeiner 59 Cady Properties
10 Jamie Johncock 60 Cady Properties
11 Quality Automotive 61
12 Mark Sobralski 62
13 63 Race For Kids Sake, Inc.
14 Mark Sobralski 64 RFKS supports the CLF
15 “White Doug” Smith 65 RFKS supports Autism Awareness
16 City Cab 66
17 67 Race For Kids Sake, Inc.
18 In Loving Memory of Gary Seltzer 68 Kelly DeBoer – DeBoer Racing
19 Howe Patio & Window 69
20 Auto Clinic Racing 70 In Loving Memory of Dennis Wiley
21 City Cab 71
22 Cady Properties 72 McKenna Leonard
23 73 City Cab
24 Shocker Graphix 74
25 NASH Outlets 75 Wilfong Motorsports
26 Cynthia Stickley 76 Kelly Radiator & Auto Repair
27 77 Kelly Radiator & Auto Repair
28 Michiana Speed Zone 78 Kelly Radiator & Auto Repair
29 79 Kelly Radiator & Auto Repair
30 80 Donna Hoover
31 In Loving Memory of Jack Hunt 81 City Cab
32 Cady Properties 82
33 Cady Properties 83 Bullet Driveline & Suspension
34 84 Bubba Brooks
35 AJ Foote, Jr. 85
36 86
37 Maggie Zwart Racing 87 Howe Patio & Window
38 88 AJ Foote Racing
39 Bubbie Brooks 89
40 Russell Racing 90 NASH Outlets
41 91 Tom TerMeer
42 92
43 Howe Patio & Window 93
44 Kendall Jenkins 94 Kendall Jenkins
45 95 NASH Outlets
46 96 NASH Outlets
47 City Cab 97 NASH Outlets
48 Kelli McDaniel 98 Howe Patio & Window
49 Donna Hoover 99 Quality Automotive
50 NASH Outlets 100 NASH Outlets

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